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Rendezvous with Rugs

This summer I had the pleasure of three young artist from the Ball State University visiting me.  They were working on a project that required them to travel to Iceland in an exploration of conciousness and sustainability.

They were very keen to learn all about the rugs and the Icelandic wool and why it is important for me to use the wool produced here in Iceland.  We had fun and to answer their inquisitive questions was my pleasure.  However I will enclose a link to their blog about the visit.  The blog is under the title Rendevouz with Rugs


Oops.. for some reason I can not use the link for the Resensitize website… it will be fixed as soon as possible.


Icelandic National Horse Show at Hella

Things have been quite hectic since the Icelandic National Horse Show at Hella therfore I am a little behind with this post.

The weather was one of the worst we had experienced in mid summer here in Iceland but that did not stop us all having fun and enjoying the country most beautiful horses.  We embraced all the weather gods threw at us.  At time we had to put on all the clothing that we had with us just to stay warm then a sudden change in the weather and we had to shed most of the clothing we had already put on!  But that is Iceland for you very unreliable weatherwise.

My mini rugs “Sit on Iceland” were a welcome addition in the vendors tent and they kept their new owners warm while sitting on the holl slope watching the horses compete surounded by beautiful rugged Icelandic nature.  I could not have asked for better weather condition to test these wonderful mini rugs outside.  The Sit on Iceland came through with flying colurs and very good feed back from happy new owners.

After this successful show I am looking forward to join the team of vendors and horse lovers again in 2016.

Show: Getting ready for the Icelandic National horse show

This is the first time I am taking part as vendor at the Icelandic National Horse Show at Hella and I am so excited.  It is a one week event full to the brimm of the most beautiful horses the country offers and a great time to meet old friends.

And for the first time the Sit on Iceland mini rugs will be at the center of attention in my stand #10 in the vendor tent.  I know they will be un-miss-able part of the event as they are perfect to use to sit on while feesting your eyes on the graceful horses and the Sit on Iceland are also easy to take with you anywhere as you can easily hook then on to your ourter garments when you stand up to meet with others.

I will be posting from the event that starts next Monday and hope to see you at the Icelandic National Horse Show next week.