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Snaefellsjokull Glacier by Shanko Rugs

Snaefellsjokull glacier

Wonderful challenge a commissioned work ” Snaefellsjokull glacier in Iceland.  This glacier can be seen from Reykjavik when you look to the north west across the sea.  It is situated at the Snaefellsnes penninsula and is famous for being the entrance to the centre of the earth in the movie with the title Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.

The wall space is 5 meters and the work ended up being 3.35 meters long instead of 3 meters but that was fine with the owners and I knew the wall space could take that too.  After streching the canvas I marked out guidlines for the size of the work and started placing white colour here and there to get a feel for the size.. and quickily the work grew and took on it’s own character… I wanted to show the glacier as it is in fall when it is start snowing again or in spring when the snow is melting.  When I was happy with the work I called the owners and they gave me the thumbs up so I cut it down from the frame.  With this work I decided to hand cut with scissors the whole thing as it was for a wall it could do with a little ruggedness.   In the end it was mounted on quality palywood for easy haning of the art rug Snaefellnesjokull glacier.

Shanko-rugs-2016-04-03 16.33.15-72-300

Shanko-rugs-2016-04-05 17.53.10-72-300



On the frame today



On the frame today is lava.  Today is the last long week-end of summer and most of the city people are out in the country so it is peace and quite all around.  Great time to work on the new rug that is on the frame today.

“Elements of power” reception Oct, 16th


It is my pleasure to invite you to the reception on Oct. 16th ” Elements of Power ” at the Scandinavian Cultural Center at the PLU in Tacoma where I will give a talk about my art rugs at exhibition.  The reception is beween 5pm and 7pm (17 to19).

The address is: Scandinavian Cultural Center,  Pacific Lutheran University | 12180 South Park Avenue | Anderson University Center Room #100 | Tacoma, WA | 98447

Looking forward seeing you in Tacoma.




Next stop Tacoma! Exhibition opens Oct. 1st


Few of the rugs that will be exhibited in Tacoma, WA next October.  I have been invited to exhibit the rugs at the Scandinavian Cultural Center in Tacoma from Oct. 1st to 21st next.  The name of the exhibition is “Capturing Icelandic Nature”   More photos to follow….

Here are the rugs still on the frame with the secondary backing and ready to be cut down to be hand sheared and trimmed.