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Volcano activity and inspiration

Volcano Activity  Close up of “Holuhraun Lava Day 1″

The volcano activity started on August 16th last and has been steadily going strong since.  Luckily it is taking place in a very remote part of Iceland, Holuhraun north of Dyngjujokull Glacier and Bardabunga both in the north part of Vatnajokull glacier.  No one know at this time what is going on in Bardarbunga volcano but there have been huge number of earthquakes 3 to 5.7.  There are speculations that this might be a rumble and will stop or the volcano main caldera wil erupt and that will create a major natural disaster or eruption will happen elsewhere with slightly less disaster.  The main concern at the moment is the blue haze of sulfur dioxide SO2 that, due to the wind, is over the wast coast of Iceland making people stay indoors as the gas is dangerous to their health.  This gas comes out with the lava at Holuhraun eruption.  We are all waiting for whatever will happen and hopefully this is it.

On lighter note the new lava and the eruption has been quite an inspiration for me and is one of the two rugs created out of this so far named ” Dike intrusion 2.2km” and “Holuhraun Lava Day 1”. Both to be shown for the first time at the exhibition Elements of Nature that will open at the Scandinavian Culture Center in Tacoma, Washington state, USA, Oct 1st.

Volcano activity and rugs

All this volcano activity here in Iceland is inspiring me for new line of rugs.   I am learning new words from our geo-scientists like ” Dike intrusion ” and at the same time getting to know area of my country that I would not have paid attention to normaly and that is “Holuhraun” (or in English lava with holes in it ).  Holuhraun lava field was greated in similar eruption in 1797.

When the lava similar that is erupting in Holuhraun runs slowly it can form wonderful motives like in the photo I took in another lava field that is ca. 30 minutes drive from Reykjavik.


I think it could be interesting motive for a rug.  I will give it a try anyway and post the outcome here later.