The Artist

After nearly 20 years of working in textiles (especially silk) the artist Sigrun Lara Shanko turned her artistic mind to rug making where she continued to broaden her skills. The original hand tufting technique was learned as a teenager from her mother.  Always breaking the mould, Sigrun created demand for her work, however she had to pursue other things in life and the tufting needle was set aside only to be rediscovered at a later date in rug making.

Sigrun L Shanko has great respect for the Icelandic rugged landscape and now it is her inspiration for ShankoRugs, where fluid forms shift with rich colours in the artist unique timeless hand tufted rugs.

As from February 2ö15 Sigrun Lara Shanko is the sole owner of Elivogar ehf established in 2011 by Sigrun Lara and her co founder Sigridur Olafsdottir.  The rugs by the artist Sigrun Lara will be made under the Shanko Rug label.

  • the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists
  • and The Icelandic Textile Guild.